Empathetic Interactions The PX Way

Organizations Core Values add intrinsic value to the organization. They not also reflect on the organizational behavior with internal & external customers but are also are reflective of how they approach healthcare service delivery. This leads to promoting empathetic leaders, associates and work-spaces within the organizations overarching umbrella.

Patients who are hospitalized have their own unique baggage apart from illness & fears associated with it. They have personal, financial or family related issues too. They add to the mental and physical framework of patient condition and in their interactions with the people they are associating with.

The same is said of healthcare professionals too be it a clinician, a nurse, a front liner or an allied healthcare professional like billing personnel or insurance / HR personnel. They have their own personal and professional baggage.

Having said that what is the common ground? The common ground is the umbrella of healthcare organization: service seeker & service provider collaborate and interact in a human experience environment.

As healthcare service provider we interact, communicate, facilitate, and share knowledge & information with patients and their families’ constantly. This is the space to have Empathetic Interactions.   

We can have Empathetic Interactions by being:

  • A good listener
  • Be the patient one
  • Respect other viewpoint
  • Be the brand ambassadors of patient care
  • Be the champions of person-centered care concept

Outcome of Above:

  • Heart & Head Together
  • Empathizer organization
  • Caring personality

Generates Trust – so crucial in patient recovery

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/empathetic-interactions-px-way-lakshmi-ramaraju/?trackingId=KJgUPXTRIiv%2BGOuKcI7vNQ%3D%3D

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