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Course Structure

4-hour Online LIVE Cohort-based Course

Leading Instructors

Created by professional traders for traders. Taught by Certified Digital Asset Advisors and Traders.

Hands-On Training & Demonstrations

You will be ready to put your new knowledge to use right away with PXDX Academics training and real-world examples.

Naïve to Expert

With our 4-hour live training, go from naïve to expert on Virtual/Crypto Assets Trading.

Inner Circle Telegram Community

Our group-chat culture is focused on encouraging one another and achieving amazing outcomes as a team.

what makes us different

We broke the 4-hour course into 12 chapters:


Gain an understanding of the exact methods that successful traders use in order to generate profits on a constant basis.


$ 130
  • Online live session Education
  • 4 hours of live training session
  • Sufficient time to get answers to all of your queries

Claim your Financial Independence

At our esteemed organization, we are dedicated to empowering traders, investors, savvy business owners, and driven individuals with the mastery of a highly lucrative skill set. Through our expert guidance, they gain the ability to unlock consistent profits, pave their path to long-term wealth, and ultimately attain unparalleled contentment in every aspect of their daily lives. Join us on this transformative journey towards financial prosperity and personal fulfillment.

We design a trading strategy based on your trading personality. It makes no difference if you want to be a Scalper, a Swing trader, or a day trader. The tactics and principles you will learn are applicable to a wide range of trading styles.

You will learn all there is to know about market maker manipulations and how to recognize them, allowing you to ride the market alongside the large banks and organizations that are truly driving the markets. You will understand precisely how I make money in the markets so that you may learn and profit from my 8 years of expertise.

You will get the information, direction, and one-on-one assistance that you need in order to be successful in this area of work so that you may take advantage of the opportunities that are presented to you.

Furthermore, you will get access to our Inner Circle Students Telegram Group, where you will be linked to all of our Team’s Traders. Our group-chat culture is focused on encouraging one another and achieving amazing outcomes as a team. Our greatest traders share their trading setups, including their entrances and exits, so that everyone on our team may learn and profit.

The Ultimate Trading Masterclass Course will teach you all you need to know to become a consistently successful and self-sufficient Forex trader. You will discover all of our entry and exit techniques, as well as the money and trade management systems we utilize to make money in the markets.

Train with the best

Unleashing the Power of Market Profits:
Embrace a Revolutionary and Systematic Approach


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