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Certified Digital Asset Advisor Education

Created for Financial Professionals, Advisors and CPAs- answering the questions your clients want you to know


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Course Structure

20-hour (10 sessions of 2 hours each) online LIVE Cohort-based course & workshop

Leading Instructors

Created by CFPs and taught by Crypto Financial Advisors, and the originators of the Certified Digital Asset Advisor designation.

Hands-On Training & Demonstrations

You will be ready to put your new knowledge to use right away with PXDX Academics training and real-world examples.

Naïve to Expert

With our 20-hour live training, go from naïve to expert on Virtual/Crypto Assets.

Community MENA Chapter

Join the fastest growing group to network with current and former CDAA members and expand your knowledge.

what makes us different

We broke the 20-hour course into 6 modules:

Bitcoin and Blockchain

Learn the basics of the original cryptocurrency and blockchain, along with investment theses.


The second largest by market cap, and the network that started Decentralized Finance.

Custody, Wallets, Exchanges

Maybe the most important lessons to keep client assets secure, and understand where the tech is going.

Decentralized Finance

DeFi takes so many of the concepts and products you're familiar with, and opens them up to more participants. Eye-opening!

Use Cases - NFTs, DAOs, Yield

The use cases will be far beyond the hype you've already seen. New business models, organizations, and ways to hold assets.

Crypto in Your Practice

Learn about your possible business models, partners, research, and ways to add crypto to your practice.

Educational Investment

Understand exactly what your costs will be, in a straightforward and understandable way.

CDAA Certification

$ 799
  • Full 10 Days of online live session Education
  • 2 hours/day of live training session
  • Sufficient time to get answers to all of your queries
  • CDAA Exam Fee $250 Not Included

PlannerDAO Approved MENA Education Partners:

We are thrilled that this program has been accepted as an official “Certified Digital Asset Advisor” (CDAA) course: you can directly take the CDAA test after attending the whole course. If you pass (which, at that point, should be simple), you will get your CDAA certificate as an NFT in your wallet and become a member of the PlannerDAO MENA Chapter. Many more experiences are ahead…

Learning Objectives

Learn Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency well enough to express some of its value propositions.

  • Comprehend custody and be able to assess custody alternatives
  • Engage in discussions with customers and partners on how Crypto fits within a portfolio.
  • Establish a Crypto service offering inside your organization, including:
      1. Allocation conversations
      2. Custodial options
      3. Privacy conversations
      4. Security conversations
      5. Estate planning


Instructional delivery method: In Class

Recommended CPE Hours: 12

Field of study: Finance

Prerequisites: None

Program knowledge level: Basic

Advanced preparation: Bring Laptop or Pad

Financial Institutes Demand Expertise on Digital Assets

They have expressed that they would participate in this asset class if their financial adviser is knowledgeable about it. These are the kinds of customers you want, and they're the ones who are urging you to improve.

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) was the fastest-growing crypto market in 2022, up 48% over the previous year.

55% of respondents indicated they would be encouraged if their Financial Advisor suggested it.

60% of investors believe Bitcoin fits in their portfolio.

In the next two decades, Millennials and GenX stand to inherit $68 trillion.

Saudi Arabia is the MENA region’s third-largest crypto market, while the UAE ranks fifth.

Are You Prepared to Integrate Cryptocurrency and Digital Assets Into Your Practice and keep ahead of competition ?

62% of corporations struggle to effectively manage their digital assets owing to a shortage of digital asset advisors


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