National ID will be NFT soon!

National ID will be NFT soon!

National ID will be NFT soon!
National ID will be NFT soon!

There is a good chance it will come sooner than expected. It’s going to be a lot more than just your identity. In order to access all of your personal identity information, you will only need one NFT. And it will be a decentralized NFT. That’s right. It will be a part of blockchain technology.

As soon as the National ID is made into an NFT, you will be able to use your ID information in many other places, like your passport, insurance, banks, property registry, health services, academic history, diver’s license, travel history and other private and public services. You won’t have to share all of your private information on these different sites anymore as you can use the National ID to do that. This will also help with security reasons as well because all of your personal information would be centralized in one place instead of distributed out into various other sites.

Identity theft and identity fraud are problems that need to be fixed by making both technology and governance better, with a focus on Security, Control, Transparency, Trust, and Value. This is because information that can be used to find out who a person is is spread out among different public and private groups. But even though this is getting a lot of attention right now, identity data is still spread out, so problems are likely to stay.

Having your identity stored as an NFT with data on the blockchain could be useful in some ways. Imagine that your driver’s license or passport had a digital copy that was stored on a blockchain. This is an easy way to understand what’s going on. Still, this process wouldn’t solve the problems with digital identity data on its own.

Who knows. It could even become more than just your identity information. As more time goes on, it could be used to store other forms of information and become a big part of our future. 

This is the way the world is headed. No one will be able to steal your identity. Now, imagine how useful and powerful this will be in the future when we are living in a world where you have your own wallet that stores all of your information and everything relevant to you.

The benefits of an NFT will definitely be great. I can’t wait to see it and use it myself.


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